- 18kW-2400kW
- Compact Structure
- Stable Performance

- 220kW-1500kW
- Cummins Engine
- Cummins patented PT fuel system
- Reliability and Stability

- 18kW-420kW
- Cummins Engine
- Heavy Duty Operation
- Low Emissions
- Low Noise

- 320kW-360kW
- Long Service Life
- Low Noise
- Easy to maintain

About Us

Exceptional Affordable
Power Solutions

AGEN POWERCLUB is one of the fast-growing manufacturer of diesel generator sets within China.

Inherited gene of rigorous manufacturing process, global marketing skills and rich culture from the parent company, MPMC GROUP, we are committed to provide exceptional and affordable generator sets, engines, alternators, accessories and all smart power supply solutions.

Smart Power
Supply Solutions

◎   Cost-effective features
◎   Compact design
◎   Reliability and Stability
◎   Quick start with full loading
◎   Easy to operate and maintain

13kW – 240kW 01 240kW – 400Kw Series: AYC / AC CCEC / AC DCEC / AH
· Stable Performance
· Easy Operation and Maintenance
Our Products → 02 240kW – 400Kw 03 400kW – 2200Kw 400kW – 2200Kw Series: AYC / AC CCEC
· High Reliability
· Low Emission / Low Noise
Our Products → 13kW – 240kW Series: AYC / AC DCEC / A-YN / A-YT
· Compact Structure
· Fuel Economy

120+ Countries 24 Hours service

Work with
big and small

“We deal with tenders in Phillipines. Being a local power solution provider, we chose AGEN to be our partner. Very good and stable generators. ”

G. L. Miller

“Nice after-sales service. I have purchased AGEN generators many years ago and needed some spare parts for maintenance. They took care of it very well. Thank you.”

M. Malinda

"Thank you for the prompt response and fast delivery of generators. Really helped me out. Reliable products in competitive price. I can see they have a strong supply chain.”

Owen G. S.

"Great service. They are very professional. Good quality in low price. Our diesel gensets are for standby power. We have been purchasing generators from AGEN for years."

Tomas J.