Control Cabinet

  1. Aesthetic design and color corporation
  2. Adopt aviation connector, user-friendly on-site configuration. High reliability.
  3. ComAp control panel, Off / manual / automatic / experimental mode selection
  4. The relay circuit is equipped with surge protection diodes

Genset Operation Monitoring
· Three-phase voltage monitoring · Rotating speed
· Three-phase current monitoring · Cooling water temperature and oil pressure
· Three-phase electric energy monitoring (active power, reactive power, power and power factor) · Battery voltage
· Frequency monitoring
Status Monitoring
· Working Status Monitoring
· Error Alarm
· Over/under voltage, over/under frequency, overload, over current, short circuit and other protection functions
· Alarm functions such as ultra/low speed, oil pressure, water/oil temperature, battery voltage and start failure
· Emergency shutdown
· Real-time record of operation, failure and switch operation
Meet a variety of international standard communication modes and communication protocol requirements
Provide 4 programmable analog inputs (IL3)
Provide 7 programmable binary input/output plugs (IL3)
Intelligent USB plug-in connects to the computer to set the controller (IL3) when DC power is not needed
Measurable fuel consumption (IL3)
Dummy load/remove load (IL3)

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