Exceptional & affordable

- 18kW-2400kW
- Compact Structure
- Stable Performance

- 220kW-1500kW
- Cummins Engine
- Cummins patented PT fuel system
- Reliability and Stability

- 18kW-420kW
- Cummins Engine
- Heavy Duty Operation
- Low Emissions
- Low Noise

- 320kW-360kW
- Long Service Life
- Low Noise
- Easy to maintain


Smart Power
Supply Solutions

Electronic materials are materials studied and used mainly for their electrical properties.

Integrate, install and maintain scalable range of building management systems to provide life cycle support.

We are offering programs to support business and sector development in the craft and gift sectors.

Automotive parts built or remanufactured to replace OE parts as they become worn or damaged.

Light machinery includes a multitude of different items used at construction sites and industrial maintenance work.