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It has always been a challenge towards mother nature geologically from mankind. The earliest known mine for a specific mineral happened in southern Africa 40,000 to 20,000 years ago if you look into the history of mining. Through the development of civilization and breakthrough of technology, we have tended to satisfy the basic needs of generating electricity, air distribution, or just a light fighting darkness deep in the minefield to survive from possible attack from wildlife.

Minefields are mostly isolated from national power grid for long electricity transmission line, yet mining operation’s in need of locating crews under shaft, monitoring gases, distributing air etc. So generators are essential for mineral industry. Pumping, drilling, and interconnected areas where the grid is poor, which of all requires gensets to work as prime power. So generators for mining have higher standards than those for regular applications.

When you look into the sore spot of power supply solutions for mining, you would find long working hours, harsh environment, noise issue, rain/sands/dust issue etc. We need them to be stable, durable, eco-friendly. It has to be capable of starting at low temperature, and better has regular reminders of maintenance. Not only do MPMC generators improve comfort to work, but they ensure reliability that output is always 100%.


  • Gensets for mining ranged from 9kva - 1250kva, and has emission-free and stage IIIA 2 types of models. Engines of emission-free type have Perkins, Cummins, Kubota and FPT. Engines of stage IIIA type have Perkins, FPT and volvo. As to alternator we have Stamford and Leroy Somer LSA series.
  • Generators for mining can keep under 67 dBa within 7 square meters loading 75%.
  • The base of generators for mining adopts high strength base. For an easy touched-up, our generators for mining use HAMPEL, UV resistant, weatherproof type of paint. Excellent in protect the base from color fading, Rust and flaking paint.
  • Where gensets exposed themselves in the air, it's a perfect choice for a UV resistant, weatherproof coating, 3 years warranty while most products in the field only have 1 year warranty.
  • Giving thoughts for mining application, the door use 304 stainless steel door lock hinge and telescopic stay.
  • Minefields are dusty, so our gensets for mining adopt heavy-duty air filters and indicator.
  • Our gensets for mining are with 75% operate load double layers 24 hours drawer typed fuel tank. It is eco-friendly, easy to maintain, sufficiently reduce the times of fueling and lower operation cost.


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