Parallel Cabinet


  • Optional for user-friendly design: front door automatic LED lighting for operation and back door file kit.
  • Aesthetic design and color corporation
  • Standardized copper bar and wiring standards
  • Adopt aviation connector, user-friendly on-site configuration. High reliability.
  • Optional for ComAp automatic/manual (single/parallel) mode, emergency manual (single/parallel) and combat readiness
  • The spare terminal signal is led out, which is convenient for customers to temporarily increase the function of the wiring
  • Monitoring system
  • Spare external power socket
  • Each unit is equipped with five-phase copper bars for connection between cabinets for parallel, which is convenient for customers to combine stand-alone or parallel


Perfect solution for parallel;

Size,color and style customizable;

Top brand of electrical components optional.


Genset Operation Monitoring
· Three-phase voltage monitoring · Frequency and speed monitoring
· Three-phase current monitoring · Cooling water temperature and oil pressure
· Three-phase electric energy monitoring (active power, reactive power, electricity and power factor) · battery voltage
Status Monitoring
· Working status monitoring · Error alarm
· Circuit breaker off/on · Synchro-instructions
· Three-phase insulation monitoring  
· Over/under voltage, overload, over current, short circuit and other protection functions  
· Fault alarm protection functions such as speed, oil pressure, water/oil temperature, battery voltage, etc.  
· Emergency shutdown
Start operating mode
· Call mode: After the mains power failure, the unit will perform power management according to the preset power reserve and execute the power call mode. When each unit is loaded with more than the preset load, it will call the next unit to start and distribute the load in parallel
· Full-start mode: suitable for a large load at a time, set to all start and load distribution of the unit after a power failure
· Combination mode: set to start all after power failure, and reduce the number of parallel machines according to the load size after paralleling, to meet the load and use requirements. This mode is suitable for motor loads with large starting currents
Real-time recording of operation, faults and switch operations
Control the unit to unload after the smooth transition load to the lowest state, and keep the unit running and the switch in good condition.
Meet the requirements of various international standard communication modes and communication protocols
Automatically switch the unit operation according to the accumulated operating time of the generator set, balance replacement power management
Excitation protection

Specification Data

Control Panel Czekh ComAp IC-NT MINT+/ ComAp IG-NT
Breaker Delixi/Aisikai/ABB/Schneider
Parellel Cabinet
2 Gensets
1 Cabinet
GGD cabinet
2 Gensets
2 Cabinets
GGD cabinet
3 Gensets
3 Cabinets
GGD cabinet
4 Gensets
4 Cabinets
GGD cabinet
5 Gensets
GGD cabinet
Dimensions (WxHxD)(mm)
AP-400 400A 1000x600x1900 600x600x1900 600x600x1900 600x600x1900 600x600x1900
AP-630 630A 1000x600x1900 600x600x1900 600x600x1900 600x800x1900 600x800x1900
AP-800 800A 1000x600x1900 600x600x1900 600x600x1900 600x800x1900 600x800x1900
AP-1000 1000A 1000x600x1900 600x600x1900 600x600x1900 600x800x1900 600x800x1900
AP-1250 1250A 1000x800x1900 600x800x1900 600x800x1900 600x800x1900 600x800x1900
AP-1600 1600A 1000x800x1900 600x800x1900 600x800x1900 600x800x1900 NA
AP-2000 2000A 1000x800x1900 600x800x1900 600x800x1900 NA
AP-2500 2500A 1000x800x1900 800x1000x1900 NA
AP-3200 3200A 1000x800x1900 800x1000x1900
AP-4000 4000A 1200x1000x1900 800x1000x1900

Additional information


ABB, Aisikai, ComAp, Delixi, Schneider