MPMC diesel engines

MPMC diesel engines range from 30kW to 2664kW (Prime). The engine is outstanding products with 6 cylinders inline, 4 valves, integrated cylinder head, overhead camshaft, rear gear chamber, 13L displacement, 130mm×161mm (Bore x Stroke). The BOSCH high pressure common rail fuel injection system is adopted on it.


1. High performance:
Engine explosion pressure 195bar, high pressure common rail fuel system, stage-1 turbocharger with exhaust valve, aluminum piston meeting 195bar explosion pressure, integral cylinder head with a single overhead camshaft, 4 valves per cylinder, cross-port arrangement, spiral Air intake, single top camshaft, integrated into the valve train engine brake system, heated flange, PTO output torque 800.Nm.

2. Long service life:
Wet top-mounted cylinder liner, Cassette-type crankshaft oil seal, single-layer steel cylinder head gasket, breaker connecting rod, water filter, oil cooling, filter unit module design.

3. Low noise:
Deep skirt design, shock-absorbing oil pan, shock-absorbing cylinder head cover, rear gear chamber, shock-absorbing intake manifold.

4.Easy maintenance:
2 oil coolers, oil rotating filter, water pump module design, double-layer V belt wheel system, first layer: water pump, generator, air-conditioning compressor, second layer: fan.

5. Reliability:
The engine is produced by world-class machining and assembly equipment, world-class supplier, 70,000 hours bench endurance test and 10 million kilometers road test verification.

6. Security:
In-cylinder braking of the engine, with high braking power, 265KW@1900r/min.

7.Fuel economy:
The electronic control calibration optimizes fuel consumption, the advanced design of the engine has low friction power, and the overall optimization of the power transmission system.

8. Low speed / high torque:
CM6D28 engine 800 rpm torque up to 1680 NM.


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